Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jeg håper dere sitter

jeg har dårlige nyheter

Mobilen min ligger igjen på jobben!

Here in the silence i wait
There's nothing else i can do
It feels like my heart's gonna break
And all i can think of is you
And how my aching arms long to hold you
And show you how much i care
But i'm counting the hours without you
And i don't know how much i can bear
Cos i miss you
More than words can say
And i need you here
In my life always
Yeah i miss you
And i'll always be
Waiting here for you
Til you're back with me

You found a place in my heart
From the first moment i saw you
And you are my light in the dark
And i would do anything for you
Cos you're everything i've ever wished for
The answer to all of my dreams
And i want you back
Home is here with me


Julie said...


det der kjenner jge til for å si det sånn!!

men du overlever nok.. du må bare gi det tid.. hvis du vil snakke om det, så bare si ifra.

Ragnhild said...

her tror jeg ikke jeg skal si noe

eirin said...



Arma said...

det er en vanskelig tid. det må jeg bare innrømme

pistin said...



toro said...

nå skal jeg sende deg en meldig baaaare sånn at du kan lure på hva det står i den.