Monday, May 28, 2007


Jeg fant meg et lite dikt langt ute på nett. Ragnhild skriver sine egne dikt, mens jeg låner av andre.

I am the bean
That brings caffeine
To every friend
That's on the scene

From Katmandu
to downtown Reno...
From coffee (black)
To cappucino.

I open eyes
And grease the tongue.
I soothe the old
And move the young.

I am coffee.
Hear me roar!
Drink me - now -
So you can soar!

So, keep on drinking
Won't you please?
Cause' I'm the cure
To your disease


Ragnhild said...

Jeg liker ikke kaffe. Jeg liker bare å lukte på den.

Ragnhild said...

Og det lukter godt.

Ragnhild said...

Jeg fikk kort pannelugg i dag..

brallerud said...